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Fiestas on the Costa Blanca

Local celebrations


Fallas (approx 15 -19 March) Throughout the world, the spring equinox is a popular time to light bonfires to welcome the new season, but no one does it with more enthusiasm than the Valencianos.

Fallas MonumentLas Fallas is an exhuberant, anarchic swirl of fireworks, music, festive bonfires and all night partying around the 19th March each year: This is a Valencian traditional celebration which takes place over 5 days in which fantastic monuments (fallas) reaching over 20m in height and costing thousands of Euros, are placed around the town and eventually burned in a late night fiesta. These grotesque, colourful effigies satirise celebrities, current affairs and local customs. They spare no one and need no translation, fat women, politicians, naked girls and inquisitive tourists, no one is safe.

The days and nights during the Fallas are one running party. Lots of processions – historical, religious and hysterical. People in the bars and restaurants spill out onto the streets. Explosions from fireworks and bangers can be heard all day and into the night in the centre of the town. Everyone from small children to elderly ladies and gentlemen join in the fun and many people dress up in the beautiful traditional costumes, some dating from the middle ages.

Traditional CelebrationRound the clock festivities include street parties, paella cooking competitions, parades, nightly firework displays and in the afternoon the first bull fights of the Spanish calendar take place. Valencia considers itself the pyrotechnic capital of the world and each day of the fallas at 2pm in Plaza del Ayuntamiento an ear splitting 5 mins of fireworks shakes the window panes of the town hall.

On the 18th, a huge offering of flowers takes place in the Plaza de la Virgen, the blooms forming a massive and fragrant skirt for the statue of the Virgin. A very moving and solemn occasion.

Fallas Burning The fiesta culminates on 19 March in La cremà (the burning) when the prize winning falla is strung with firecrackers, doused in petrol and torched in the early hours of the morning. On this night the streets become an open-air party with the sound of fireworks and bangers, stalls selling typical local snacks such as porres, xurros and bunyols as well as roast chestnuts, candyfloss etc. Words are not enough to explain this mesmerising fiesta, you have to witness it, with all it's noise, smells, thumps and explosions.

Most towns in the Valencia region celebrate Fallas, so as well as a trip to Valencia, the birthplace of the Fallas, we will also enjoy the fiesta in Denia, which has a more manageable 10 Fallas statues. A guided tour with explanations of each statue and a full programme of events will ensure that you miss nothing.

Celebrateinspain offer one Fallas stay per year for a minimum of 10 people. We will arrange private villa accommodation, full catering, inhouse entertainment as required, a guided tour of the Fallas, including la cremà (see above) if desired.


If you have never seen the Fallas (and everyone should do so), then perhaps 2013 is the year for you and your friends to come to Denia!

Other fiestas


BunolThere are many festivals and fiestas in our region of Valencia, including Buñol on the last Wednesday in August offering probably the messiest and bizarre morning out. This is what happens: just before noon on the day of the festival, truckloads of ripe, squishy tomatoes (one estimate is 125,000kg) are delivered to the waiting crowd, and for the next hour or so everyone joins in a frenzied, cheerful anarchic tomato war. After being pounded with pulp, expect to be sluiced down with hoses by the local fire brigade. The lunacy takes place on the town's main square, ending with an explosion to signal the end at 1pm.

Bous a la Mar, (bulls in the sea)

Bous a la MarEach town in the area has it's fiesta major, to celebrate the patron saint of the town. Denia is unique in having Bous a la Mar, (bulls in the sea). In July, the town parties for a week, with parades, fireworks, bull running down the main street, fire breathing dragons that chase you down the main street and the bulls in the sea. A semi circular arena is built on the port where you can either watch or participate. A bull is released into the centre of the arena and "men" try to coax the bull into the water.

Moros y cristianos (Moors and Christians)

moros y cristianosAugust brings with it the famous Moros y cristianos (Moors and Christians) fiesta with its fantastic parades through the streets with everyone dressed in fabulous costumes designed to commemorate the last days of the North African Moors in Spain.

There are too many fiestas to mention, the above being only a few of them.


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